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Add case and client details

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Case Calendar ,Appointment Calendar Bill Generation systems , Generate case report and more.


Bill Generation

Summary of Miscellaneous Work Bill

Case wise bill and other bill create.

Lawzard Software is a web based software specially developed to manage critical works of lawyers. You will get a userid and password to manage their software from anywhere is the world. Case Data, Case Schedule, Clients Information, Calendars and other information are not stored locally on your computer but rather on sources on the internet, So that your data will be fully protected with cloud servers.

First, let’s address the protection of your information. I personally feel secure with cloud-based services. If my data is stored locally on my laptop hard drive alone and my computer crashes, I’ve lost all that information unless I am consistently making backups of my drives. Cloud computer servers often have redundant, duplicate storage of all files to ensure they aren’t lost if any drive fails. Just imagine the liability a host would face if they stored all your client data and lost it.


1. Lawzard software is web-based software so that you can use this software from anywhere with the use of fully secured user-id and password.

2. Your important information will be stored in cloud based servers so that you don’t need to depend on your local computers.

3. Organize critical contact and case information on one easy-to-use platform.

4. Easily create professional invoices and get paid faster with dynamic billing features.

5. Never miss an important event with shareable calendars – you and your clients are always on schedule.

6. Get Close Case and Running Case information.

7. Set Next Hearing or manage it of your running cases

8. Find Clients list, Case wise report, Clients wise report, Date wise bill report and other reports easily.

9. Get free technical support in case of any technical or server error.