About us

Moving forward, our vision is simple, great, yet powerful: Lawzard will give our clients smarter ways to work by providing unmatched legal software and solutions that combine Judgments, old cases information and technologies. We have built a selection of products that extent practice and management for lawyers, government legal professionals and small law firm. Legal solutions built to help our client prosper. Lawzard is focused on the requirements of lawyers and law firms. We are focused to introduce more than 50000 lawyers & Law firms in India use our software.

We have been an important part of the legal system and have given our customers a powerful competitive advantage by providing the maximum quality legal information. To make sure our software is the best possible practice management solution. Lawzard commits to do the best for Indian lawyer. Lawzard is only Legal software provider to lawyers in india . Lawzard has been helping lawyers , our team have wide experience working with law firms and understand day to day lawyers needs and challenges.

Therefore, Lawzard is designed software to be practical and user friendly so everyone can easily use the same without much experience. We provide lawyer with everything they need to run their own firm in budget. All our products and services are designed and verified to make this promise come true. Contact us any time for more information.